Agitation Links

If you are inspired by something that you read in Agitate use the links below to take action and make your voice heard.

Government Websites
     The United States Congress
     The United State Government
     The US Executive Branch
     The President of the United States
     The White House
     The United State Supreme Court
     The US Code

Open Borders

    Open Borders NEW
    The Future of Freedom Foundation
    The Communist Party of the United States

Stop the Apartheid Wall

    Israeli Government Websites
       The Knesset
       Office of the President
       Prime Minister's Office
       Rabbis for Human Rights
       Stop the Wall

School Reform
    Bad Ass Teachers NEW
    Communities in Schools
    Comprehensive School Reform Program
    Center for Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement
    The Urban League
    School: The Story of Public Education: A brief history of public schools in America
    William Glasser Institute
    Alfie Kohn
      The Gates Foundation

School Violence
    Children's Defense Fund
    Youth Violence Project
    Education Law Center

Independent Media
    Independent Media Center
      Center for Citizen Media
      Center for Media and Democracy
      Open Secrets
      Who Owns What

World Peace
    Pax Protest
    United for Peace
    World Peace Campaign

Separation of Church and State
    The Interfaith Alliance
    Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Campaign Finance Reform
    Stop the Money Chase
    Common Cause
    Campaign Money
    Democracy Matters
    Following the Money: Who's buying your representatives?
    FEC Disclosure Site: The most comprehensive
    Campaign Finance Site
    Open Secrets

End Torture
    Amnesty International
    Human Rights Watch
    Human Rights First

Rights of Indigenous People
    Survival International
     Center for World Indigenous Studies
       American Indian Movement (AIM)
       Cultural Survival

Chicago Police Torture Victims
    Illinois State Attorney General's Office

State and Corporate Surveillance
    ACLU Safe and Free
    Project on Government Secrecy
    Electronic Frontier Foundation
    Surveillance and Society
    FISA: Documents, Reports and Amendments related to the law
    Church Committee Reports

Third Party Candidates
      The Constitution Party, Dr. Chuck Baldwin
      The Green Party, Cynthia McKinney
      The Libertarian Party, Bob Barr
      Ralph Nader, Independent

     Other Third Party Choices:

     American Independent Party, Alan Keyes
     Boston Tea Party, Charles Jay
     Prohibition Party, Gene Amondson
     Reform Party, Ted Weill
     Party for Socialism and Liberation, Gloria La Riva
     Socialist Party USA, Brian Moore
     Socialist Workers Party, Roger Calera

Economic Justice
   Dollars and Sense
   National Center for Law and Economic Justice
   NOW and Economic Justice: A branch of the National Organization for Women
   Alliance for Economic Justice

Obama Accountability
   People's Lobby

Banking Reform and Activism
   Independent Community Bankers of America
   Bailout Watch
   Wallstreet Watch

The Right to Health Care
  The Right to Health Care...Now
  The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative
  Facebook: Fight for Healthcare Reform
  Facebook: Fight for Health Care

Workplace Safety
  United Steelworkers of America
  United Mineworkers of America
  National Council for Occupational Safety and Health
  National Organization of Injured Workers
  Center for Progressive Reform

Note: The presence of an organization's website on this page does not necessarily indicate that their overall philosophy is approved or condoned by the Andoscia Sociology Project