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Pope Francis I Encyclical on the Environment: NEW: The Pope's call to action on saving the planet. This really should be a no brainer.

Senate Torture Report: Read the atrocious history of the Bush Administration as presented by a Senate investigation into US torture.

Open Society:  Philosopher Karl Popper's classic analysis of Plato, Marx and Hegel, and how their ideas stand in the way of a truly open society.

Better Growth, Better Climate:  A new and uplifting report from The New Climate Economy demonstrating that we are no longer in the position where we have to sacrifice our standard of living for environmental responsibility.

NAFTA at 20: The report card is out on NAFTA...and it has failed. Now the Obama Administration wants to foist another so called "free trade" agreement on the country...only this time  we are not allowed to know what's in it. Imagine that!

World of Work Report: The International Institute of Labor's latest report on the status of work. You might be surprised at some of the findings.

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America: Radley Balko has a book out called The Rise of the Warrior Cop. Here is a previous study done by Balko on the paramilitary nature of modern police work and why we should be concerned. Absolutely must read.

The Network of Global Corporate Control: The authors demonstrate that the power of trans-national corporations flows through a small, elite group.

Observational and Model Evidence of Global Emergence of Permanent, Unprecedented Heat in the 20th and 21st CenturiesSoon, what everyone is currently experiencing as a "heat wave" will be commonly referred to as...summer.

Fukushima and Mortality in the US: What are the global consequences of nuclear energy? When a meltdown in one country can have devastating consequences in a nation thousands of miles away, shouldn't we start a debate about costs and benefits of nuclear power?

Memo to ABA for attacking Occupy: Take a look at the memo written by a major lobbying firm to the American Bankers Association on how to discredit the Occupy Movement.  Funny that one of the biggest fears is that the Tea Party will find common cause with the Occupy Movement.

Record Wealth Gaps: For the last ten years the wealth gap between whites, blacks and Hispanics has grown steadily.  Now it is at record highs.  Read the Pew Research Paper.

America's Endangered Middle Class: Back in March, the American Prospect put out a special issue explaining in detail the fall of America's once mighty middle class.

How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule: How is it that our nation, awash in money, claims to be too broke to pay for basic services? From Yes Magazine, this report is eye opening and thought provoking.

The "Jobless and Wageless" Recovery from The Great Recession:
There are two economies, one for working people and one for the corporate class. This report highlights the inequities that privilege the corporate economy of the wage and labor economy. An underlying theme is that it is the labor/productivity that is the foundation for corporate profit.

PISA International Competitiveness Survey: 
Read the PISA study on international educational comparisons. What is it that Finland, South Korea and Singapore are doing that the United States isn't doing. Then look at the current policies regarding education and compare them to the PISA recommendations.

From Dictatorship to Democracy: Despite the usual fear-mongering on the right, the Egyptian uprising was not sponsored by radical Muslims, not inspired by the quest for the 12th Imam (sheesh!) One of the most important influences on the uprisings in Egypt and other areas throughout the world is Gene Sharp of the Albert Einstein Institute. Even the Muslim Brotherhood includes From Dictatorship to Democracy on its reading lists. Hmmm. Dictatorship to Democracy. Read it here at the Mad Sociologist Blog.
Who Rules America:
Few have done as much analysis on who really rules America than William Domhoff.

Citigroup's Plutonomy: If you think Free Market Capitalism and Democracy go together like hand in glove then you might want to read this report put out by Citigroup.  It turns out that corporations have no interest in democracy at all. Their goal, admitted in this report, is the development of what they themselves term a Plutonomy, a society in which wealth is concentrated at the top and perpetuates itself through conspicuous consumption.

AFL-CIO 2010 Study: Death on the Job

USDHS Study on Left Wing Extremists

 USDHS Study on Right Wing Extremists

The War is Making You Poor Act: It's not every day that you get to read an interesting piece of legislation.  Read this interesting proposal and keep track of it at Thomas.

IPCC 2007 Report: With all the hoopla about the politics of climate change and the biases of the IPCC I figured it would be a good idea to just read the report.  It's actually pretty well balanced and underscores the robust findings of climate scientists as well as the uncertainties that still remain.  I think folks of all political stripes will be surprised that it is not the envirofascist screed as flogged by conservatives, nor is it the concrete mantra as vaunted by liberals.  Let's stop listening to the pundits and actually read the sources!

Declassified Report on CIA Torture: 
Heavily redacted, but gives you an idea of just how bad it's been.

Unclassified Report on the President's Surveillance Program: 10 July 2009: As ordered by the infamous FISA Amendment 2008, this report highlights that the value of President Bush's Surveillance Program is, at best, dubious.

Sold Out: How Wall Street and Washington Betrayed America: The title is self explanatory.

 Madoff was a Piker: Here's an apt description of how the banking system constitutes a giant Ponzi scheme.  An interview with Bill Moyers.

The Conservative Nanny State: How the Wealthy Use the Government to Stay Rich and Get Richer: By Dean Baker

Global Trends 2025: Where is the world headed based on the policies that we have going today? Read the National Intelligence Council report

Jailed Nation: 
The United States has 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prisoners.  Corrections Institutions are being taken over by private interests an is one of the country's fastest growing business sectors.  What the hell is going on?!

Restoring Classroom Justice:  This article was forwarded to me by a student.  It can be found on the In These Times website.  We must start thinking critically about positive discipline in the classroom. What we are doing now, obviously, does not work.  How can we maintain a functional classroom, teach our students responsibility, and at the same time demonstrate that discipline is a learned behavior.  Discipline in schools does not have to be a tyranny. 

Breaking Free With Fair Elections: A new Declaration of Independence (from corporate money) for Congress.

Supporters of Fair Elections:  This is a list of National Politicians who support fair elections.  If your representative is not on the list then give them a call and find out why.

Fair Elections Act: Here is the bill working its long way through Congress. Sponsored by Senator Durban (D) and Senator Spector (R) this is  bi-partisan legislation that has, for once, been written in the best interest of the voting public.

Torture--Educing Information and Tortured Justice: An interesting look at the validity of torture as an interrogation technique.

Convention Concerning Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries:  Throughout the world indigenous people are under threat of extermination, usually for the greedy interests of major powers and transnational corporations.  Read what the United Nations  delineates as the rights of indigenous people all over the world, from South Florida to Botswana

Steal Back Your Vote:  Robert Kennedy Jr, and Greg Palast have created a great comic intended to get you informed and get you active regarding the very real threat of voter suppression.  Of all the great issues of our time that get virtually no press the issue of voter suppression is the most fundamental threat to a free society.  If you've read the comic and you want to make a contribution for this noble effort click here. Also, read the Rolling Stone article, Block the Vote.

Bushonomics: How we got into this mess in the first place:  A look at the economic horror show that was the Bush Administration.

The CIA Family Jewels Part I
The CIA Family Jewels Part II
The CIA Family Jewels Part III
The CIA Family Jewels Part IV
Well, not exactly. The Family Jewels were moved from what used to be the "Commentary Page." these are previously classified papers released by the federal government a few years back.  Take a look at them and try to determine, just what is so important there that it has to be confidential?

Senate Armed Services Committee Inquiry into the Treatment of Detainees in US Custody: Who is to blame for violations of the Geneva Convention in US run prisons in Iraq?