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The Senate Torture Report is in and you can access it here! Go to the readings page. Also, see the group dedicated to preserving and understanding the torture report at the links page. Many of us at the time decried the barbarous policies of the Bush Administration. We believed that sacrificing our values for the sake of this so-called war on terrorism constituted a loss of who we are. We were disappointed with President Obama when he refused to pursue justice for those people who, as he recently stated "tortured some folks." Look, torture is a crime against humanity. It is not an effective means of extracting information. Torture an exercise of power...nothing more. It's a shame that we probably won't see Bush Co. in front of the Hague anytime soon, but hopefully having the truth in front of us may help us put our past in its rightful place.

Also added, take a psychometric test to see how prejudiced you are.

Many of us participated in a die-in in front of the US Courthouse in Fort Myers. Not the biggest of the rallies throughout the nation, but we showed up and lent our support.

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